ComSOP 6.5.2 F

“F. The exterior for accessibility barriers.”

Now that you added the ADA section to the ComSOP, should this still be part of it as it would create some duplication?

We didn’t add an ADA section to ComSop. In fact, an inspector should never, ever, ever use those 3 letters. We as commercial inspectors do not verify ADA compliance.

Furthermore, some states have modified their accessibility laws and so ADA doesn’t meet those laws. uses the most restrictive of many regulations (ADA is merely one of them). actually exceeds ADA in many areas because states have passed more restrictive laws. An example that comes to mind is that in NY the accessible entrance door has to have at least 24 inches of clear wall space on the pull side of the door, next to the handle. ADA only requires 18 inches. uses the more restrictive (NY) 24 inches. That 6 inch difference could mean $20,000 to your client! So… a fully ADA compliant building might still not meet the laws in its own state! optional accessibility section is, on the other hand, a higher standard than ADA.

Furthermore, ADA is a “U.S.” law and is an "international" inspection standard of practice.

What we did is add an optional accessibility checklist to make it easy for inspectors to offer a more comprehensive accessibility inspection if the client wants one. Read 13.3. It is not part of the inspection, it is an option the inspector and client can choose to add to the scope of work agreement.

Ok, I wasn’t sure if 13 was optional or not. If they did choose to use it, it seems there would be a little bit of overlap. Is 13 the same as the template I made a few months back for accessibility?


Ok, that’s another section done then.