Concrete block supports in crawl space

I’ll admit I don’t see many crawlspaces a basements out here in So. Cal. Is this arrangement acceptable support? I’m mainly concerned about lateral shift since we’re in earth quake country. Thanks


How old is the house? Is that a pcc footing visable?

House is 45 years old. Yes, that is a pcc footing.

Ok to me.

It’s okay per sé but needs standard seismic straps to tie everything together.

You need to get out more if you don’t see very many crawlspaces.

There is one neighborhood here, in Midtown, that has basements. Caught me completely off guard when I did my first inspection there 13 years ago.

I usually recommend a seismic retrofit on those older homes. Some don’t even have perimeter anchor bolts.

Pretty much anything built in Southern California during and before World War II won’t have anchor bolts unless the home has been renovated and retrofitted.

That’s the idea! Most of the homes I get called on our slab on grade. I like the crawls though, interesting stuff going on down there.

Is there any sagging of the floor?

Looks fine to me. Its been working for 45 years.

Yes it’s okay. In Seattle,Wa. we are expecting a big earthquake. While a lack of post to beam and pier to post connectors as well as anchors at the foundation to the cripple wall are not a defect due to the era the home was built, it is a recommendation I make to all of my clients.

I agree with Russel Ray. You need standard seismic straps to tie everything together. You can never be too secure.

Russel Woods