What is the write up for older house foundations?

This house was in great shape built in 1955 Southern Calif. When I
look in the crawlspace I do not see Anchor bolts. What is the verbiage
to describe similar houses like this? What is the verbiage to describe how
how houses like these are secured to the foundations?


Just curious if there were earth quake provisions?

didnt see any straps…

“Gravity”. A time proven technique.

The bolts are there, you just didn’t look hard enough.

They’re usually spaced about 6 feet apart in foundations of this age. You need to look closely at the sill, but you’ll find them. They’ve been required in CA since around 1935.

The foundation is raised and bolted to the standards of the year in which it was constructed, which may well be adequate but which would not meet current structural standards.

This always amazed me on old stone foundations, although to be more exact, weight of the structure (gravity doesn’t hurt, either does friction). :wink:

You have it Joe.
I to am curious to the write up.
Home built before the need for Earth quake strapping.
Recommend Engineer to examine the home.

Not in CA. We don’t have many older buildings still standing other than those that have been retrofitted.

Engineering is generally done as a part of the retrofit.

Bolting… if ya can crawl under and look along the sill plate you’ll generally find 'em.

If ya can’t crawl, SAY SO IN REPORT… obv, you knew that I’m sure. Look along the crawl vents… you’ll see there should be bolts along the sill/sole. Will only be 1/2" and too far apart, but that’s why you say something about the year built.

I generally indicate that the foundation was built 19XX and would not be comparable to current standards… You can throw in relevant info as well.

If you can spot a break in the sill plate there should be one within a foot or so of the break. Otherwise, crawl back into the corner… :mad:

Kenton Montreal Canada is also on a fault zone. One of the oldest if not mistaken.
Here is a list of 10 biggest earth quakes in Canada.
I have not paid attention to sill-plate bolting. I will pay attention to construction sites from now on.I will also look harder at the code book Roy Cooke was kind enough to give me.
All I can say it when I helped and managed the building of 5 homes , sill plate bolting was not observed nor practiced. I am going back to the late 1980’s.