Condensate drainage to sump pit

I just inspected a home with a basement sump pit. It had the condensate line from the high efficiency furnace & air conditioning coil running to the pit.
There was only one drain connector activated with a flexible drain line installed sloping downward away from the sump pit. I have no way of knowing where this line ran to, other than my assumption it ran out under the basement footing and into the earth beyond. (Level grade, no way to daylight for miles!)
The sump was full to the invert of the line and appears to have been working fine for the life of the 3-4 year old house.
There was a sump pump, still in the box on an adjacent shelf, never installed.
IMO, the soil classification would most likely fall under Group I, not requiring foundation drains and there was no evidence of water leakage in the basement.
Any violations or areas of concern anyone might have that I should put in my report?

WAG… ran off to a ‘dry well’?

Was it a sump pit, or the plumbing house trap pit?

It is a sump pit in the basement floor roughly 6’to7’ below the finished grade. The pit is formed with a typical plastic crock, roughly 3’ deep, 2’ diameter with standard plugged holes roughly 2’ above the bottom.
One of these plugged holes has a length of corrugated drainage pipe connected and sloped downward towards the exterior basement wall, most likely running out under the footing.
It’s anyone’s guess where it runs to, probably just a convenient length of pipe left in the bottom of the excavation.