Hidden Sump Pump

Hi everyone,

Ran across this sump pump this morning. There was some water which is fine and I tested the pump and it started running-fine. As you can see there’s a hose going into the pit though, from about 10 inches up the wall. I’m not sure where that water is coming from though. I should have investigated further, however I didn’t. It was an odd inspection. I suppose it could be from an interior appliance or sink, and perhaps that would explain the way I found it, which is puzzling me also, making me think I really missed something. It was very WELL hidden (and I almost missed it completely) as you can see…so I’m trying to think why did they try so hard to hide it, and thus perhaps that pipe is a no-no. So, if anyone can think of something I might have missed, please by all means let me know what you think!

Thanks a lot, in advance,





What was behind that wall and where is that discharge pipe going is my question?

Paul think hard about what was above that area.

Do you have a picture of the A/C condensation drain?

Too many factors to just guess cold.

If not pumped, it would be coming from above.

Thanks. That’s an exterior wall its coming from, however the laundry was just behind the wall to the right…yet, I thought I checked the laundry drain and it appeared to go to the main stack, from what I recall. Directly above is the kitchen sink…so maybe I missed something with that too, possibly…
There was no AC in this house, nothing condensing. I guess the bottom line is that it needs further investigation. At this point I’m starting to second guess myself about the washing machine and kitchen sink…
There was nothing directly outside that ext. wall either. Given what I know, what might be an acceptable scenario for that pipe?
Thanks again.

From the apparent 1" diameter I can’t think of any reason for it ,and am wondering myself.

Hopefully another opinion will come in.

Defiantly needs more investigation.
Just admit not knowing the source and defer .

I would not ignore it.
I assume there is a plumbing vent on the roof .

Wild shot in the dark… An abandoned or alternate drain line? Its pitched for draining…

Thanks guys. Indeed more investigation will be needed here, which I’ve recommended. If I ever hear more I’ll be sure to post an update.

Thanks for the feedback.