Condensate in the Drip Pan

I was checking the drip pan for the evaporator coil and saw condensate. Is it ever normal to see condensate in the drip pan?


Not usually. There is no insulation on the suction line so it could just be from moisture condensing on the line and dripping down into the pan. From the limited area shown in the photo, the rust in the pan seems to be concentrated just under where the lineset enters the cabinet.

I agree with Andrew Uninsulated suction line will sweat like a cold coke can (or beer, or margrita glass) at a picnic. If the system is working properly.

This is a secondary drip pan that should never have signs of condensation build-up.

I concur with Andrew.

You should never be able to see the suction refrigerant pipe!

A 2" section of uninsulated pipe next to the a/c cased coil will cause this amount of water.

All joints must be glued and sealed.
The use metal tape for this repair (which often happens around here) is not acceptable as the foil tape conducts heat as sweats like the pipe.

The insulation on the pipe is not to prevent thermal transfer, but to prevent contact with the air and the condensate that occurs.