What is wrong with this picture

Condensate drain connecting into the bathroom drainage system located on the other side of the wall

1400 Michael Ln PC 2-21-11 087.jpg

1400 Michael Ln PC 2-21-11 082.jpg

That would be pretty smelly if there was a sewage backup. :shock:;-):smiley:

Not sure where it tied into exactly as it was between the two floors of a two story.

Where you been hiding Blaine been a long time

Have they ever heard of support straps Charlie?
Was the leak at top front of the casing from the condensate line Charlie?

Also what is the vent in back for?
Sorry but I do not see a cutoff switch (at least no junction box for one)however I imagine there is one around there somewhere.

Been workin, Charley, Which is a good thing!!

It’s trapped, runs downward, so my guess would be that the condensate drain line is not allowed to terminate into the sewer lines. Municipalities don’t like unmetered water running through their lines. :mrgreen: It isn’t allowed here for sure.

Or should it only terminate outside???

Conduit clamped to the wall studs.
No the leak was condensate dripping from the uninsulated freon suction line where it enters the A-coil box.
The vent in back is a vertical dryer vent as the utility room was located below this area on the first level…
Sorry cut off switches are not required in this State.

So now Bob I answered all of your questions what about my question that you avoided about the condensate line is it correct what would you say about it in the windy city or am I going to have to get Linas after you.

Oh BTW there were many more issues in the pic that I put in my report that you did not mention don’t be a slacker here get em all.:D:D;-)

The only time its allowed to terminate as in the pic is if it is a wet trap and the trap shown is only wet during the cooling season the furnace is not high efficiency no water.

Heard things were a little rough your way but its good your working. Good inspectors will always be working the not so good will just be complaining about the lack of work;-):wink:

Hi Charlie
Busy on my own report ,but I did not see an air gap which I think was mentioned above so did not bother.
With time I would look up the flue turn to close.
No drain pan and I am sure could find others.

Oh yeah, y’all have a heating season. We didn’t till the last two winters. I haven’t seen a gas furnace with an AC coil on top in so long I can’t remember. Couple that with a bad case of CRAFT and you see where I’m coming from. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Heat pumps and A/C’s please…:smiley:

Nice Charley… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Got any Water Softener brine drain pic’s too??? :wink:

I was in Orlando the middle of January and I sure could of used a gas furnace at the hotel was dam cold for Fla.:shock::shock:

Not on the upper level, softener drain was within the garage closet with the water heater and the down stairs furnace. I suggested they re-route the drain from the upper level to the floor drain in the garage closet where the other condensate discharged. Should have been there in the first place

1400 Michael Ln PC 2-21-11 041.jpg