Condensate Pump, return distribution systems.

Newer 2010 systems installed.

I thought the condensate pump would of been better to install at floor on right of system, this way cord is not across cabinet and if condensate leaks it will not go into duct return. What do you think??

Secondly, return grill under refrigerator area, in uncondition location under steps, open under steps, closed at living and went under slab and to 2nd floor and under window at living.

198211 087 (Small).JPG

198211 087 (Small).JPG

198211 034 (Small).JPG

198211 026 (Small).JPG

198211 085 (Small).JPG

Yes it would have been better to sit the condensate pump on the floor doubtful if you get it changed. You stated the refrigerator location has a return grill in the floor looks like a supply grill but if it is indeed a return grill. Return air is not allowed in a kitchen area period. the pic below the stairs I have no clue what is going on there would have to be on location to tell and Ohio is a bit far;-):wink: