Condensate pump

At my inspection today I saw a few things I had not seen. One was a condensate pump at the base of the air handler with no drip pan. The pump was set up to pump water up through the attic and out of the home, maybe a run of 25’. Has anyone seen this? Any advise on comments?

Very common when there is a slab here in ky. Advising a drip pan for the pump as a back up is a good idea but I see many without. Also I advise that they insert chlorine tablets once a quarter to the catch can to keep they system clean and free from slime build up that can clog the system.

Cool. Thanks George.

Very common here but to collect and discharge the normal condensation. What’s missing in your photo is a secondary drip pan (common here) which usually has a drain line or a float switch to shut the unit down if problems are present.