Condensate Tray

The condensate tray under the evaporator coil is broken in half and cracked in a few places. I tried to repair it last summer because I just couldn’t find a replacement. Today I went down to the basement and it’s leaking again so I know this time when I take the plenum apart and pull out the tray it’s going in the trash. I called a Lennox dealer and he said all evaporator coils for the Lennox have a C at the start of the model number so he could not help me. The condensing unit is a Bryant.

The problem I’m having is trying to find the replacement pan. My furnace is a Lennox Whisper Heat
Model - G20Q3/4E-100-7
Serial - 5899M05186

The evaporator coil is made by BDP Company
Model- 507HXX036000MAAA
Serial- Y4D96069

The tray is made by Syracuse Plastic Inc.
Model - 28AU401253

Can anyone here point me in the right direction for a new condensate tray?




Have you considered calling a Bryant, Carrier or Payne dealer? That’s what BDP is. Payne is a seperate company now.

BDP is a Bryant Model?

I think I found it but man it’s expensive!
Part Type Drain Pan

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Vince,you could try The Behler Young Co. in Taylor Mi. 734-374-8231 You may need to order through a licensed hvac contractor. Matt

Thanks for the information Matt. I wonder if I can get a better deal on it though. I think I’m gonna run up to Home Depot for some Gorilla Glue.:-k

I’ve got the same tray and same problem, wondering how you ultimately fixed this? I’m seeing prices online of $300 and more!

If the evaporator is installed flush with the top of the furnace and this was caused by heat damage to the pan it might be advisable to raise the evaporator. Having the evaporator coil raised say 4 inches distances the pan from the top of the heat exchanger. This will also allow better airflow around the heat exchanger cells and reduces the stress on the heat exchanger. Just my opinion.

Shoot I can’t remember how I fixed this. I guess I went for some gorilla glue but I can’t remember if I repaired it or found a replacement tray.

My memory fails me on this.

looking over those photos I can’t imagine why I would try to repair it. Hopefully I went with the replacement. Either way it’s not leaking anymore.


This looks like something that can be fabricated out of sheet metal. I’ll bet any good tin knocker can fabricate this tray for you.

This is an old thread but I just received a call form someone who found it while searching for a condensate tray. Just goes to show what you put online can be found years later.

BTW I did end up repairing my tray with gorilla glue a long time ago and have not had any problems since.

Hi Vince,

While we are on the subject of condensate trays, I had an issue with mine a few years ago. The tray area started leaking and wet my master bedroom ceiling below the air handler. I simply took the evaporator housing apart to see why it was leaking and wouldn’t ya know…A small piece of tinfoil was blocking the drainage hole. I’m pretty sure it was tinfoil from the tinfoil tape that was utilized to seal the outer edges of the housing.

An inexpensive simple fix…

You should have written yourself up as having a defect since it sounds like there is no secondary/emergency condensate pan below the air handler … :mrgreen:

You are correct. It didn’t bother me on the purchase of my home. I simply didn’t think it would happen to me (But you know how that belief always goes), so I procrastinated the install of a secondary pan.