condensation drains

Hello All,
I inspected a furnace today that was installed in a crawlspace in a horizontal position. The furnace is a Luxaire Model #GM9S080B12DH11G. I was unable to see any condensate lines installed and the cabinet actually had standing water that was leaking out of one corner. I could actually see the water puddle when I removed the furnace filter. I also noticed steam coming from the PVC exhaust vent on the outside of the building. The questions I have are as follows: 1. Can this unit be installed in a horizontal position?
2. Would simply installing condensate lines remedy the problem or would one expect that after several months of use, the standing water caused the beginnings of catastrophic issues?
3. Should I just suggest further evaluation by a licensed mechanical
contractor before closing the sale?
Please see the pics attached. One shows a small rusted crack where water drips from. The other shows where the condensate lines should have been attached. Any help would be great.
Dave Strunk

I believe this is the manual:

Remember, we report what we see…

Why do I not see refrigerant line conections?

I saw that first thing as well. However if members would put their locations in their profile so it shows on their posts then we might already know. He is in the Great White North. Until the shift in climate change I would expect many people opened windows in Summer rather than have functioning AC’s.

What does your “over 40 years of construction experience” gut feeling telling you to do and report? Did you report the other issues with the unit as seen in your pics?

“Surety Home Inspection Team” makes for an interesting acronym

Larry, thanks for the manual.
The rest of the posts don’t warrant a response…Wow! I’m brilliant…I can spell ****.

I was simply making what I though was a humorous observation, not intended to besmirch you.

Do you not think that the absence of refrigerant lines to go along with the absence of condensation drain lines is significant?

No offense taken. Not in the case of a high efficiency furnace which condenses water. Thanks for your response. Many friends laugh at the name of my company as well.

With no drain pan it needs no condensate line as they are using the unit to humidify the ceiling below.

Wonder how that side looked.

OK. Well those drains would connect to the furnace section, not the evaporator coil.

Yes you are correct. I have researched the heck out of this and have learned a few things. The condensate line was not properly connected within the unit. My construction experience did not include HVAC which is why this forum can be so helpful. Thanks for your response.

One more thing to consider. The condensate from a condensing type furnace is corrosive, so if it collects in the cabinet, it will likely cause significant corrosion damage.

Thanks Chuck. Apologies for my snap to judgement. Yesterday was a bad morning. Regards