condensation issue at TEV

I’ve come across this problem a few times recently. Ceiling mounted air handler with dripping of condensation from the refregertant line fittings onto the insulation of the coverpanel. What can be done to limit the condensation without affecting the effiency of the unit.

Insulate it with closed cell foam tape designed for the purpose.

Cork press tape is better the foam pops loose over time;)


That black sticky stuff for reefers is best, but is hell to get off over time.

Just don’t seal off the nut at the bottom of the valve.

This seems to be a design or install defect as I never see any insulation wrapped around these areas and every one I inspect is dripping. My concern is these units are installed in 150-200 unit condo projects. Where would I find install instructions that spell out how to handle this issue.

Copeland Blue Book.

Any TXV Mfg, Sporland etc…

The problem is the air passing by the valve is excessively humid. It is right next to the fans!

It just needs some thermal tape installed.