Condensation Under Air Handler

I did an inspection and noticed condensation under the air handler pan, This was during the 2pm hour in Southwest Florida so the garage was about 85-90 degrees, Is this a problem that should be recommended to be evaluated by licensed HVAC Contractor or is this normal. I spent looking at he NACHI classes and cant quite find what any information.

I would appreciate any information.

You pic is to close can not tell from here what you have, got any thing from further away

Here is the Air Handler picture it was right under the pan in the middle. It looked like dew drops on the bottom of the unit.

Try this, I wish I would of had a better picture but it was hard for my camera to get under the pan.

It doesn’t need to be evaluated, it needs to be repaired.

The AHU shouldn’t be dripping water into the safety overflow pan. Could be its leaking air at one of the cabinet seams, or penetrations, or the interior insulation isn’t in contact with the cabinet, allowing condensation to form.

Either way, call it out.


Thank you, I will recommend for repair just was kind of curious on this one. I didn’t feel any air leaks around the base and sides of the cabinet. So my guess is what you said the insulation may not be in contact with the cabinet,

As stated there should be no condensate in the safety pan it should be dry. Some times when the A-coil starts to collect lint it will cause the condensate not to drain off of the coil properly and the blower velocity will scatter condensate away from the drain pan and it will come out the bottom of the AHU. There are several reason why condensate will be present where its not suppose to be the unit just needs to be looked at

And this is what it looks like when the safety pan drain stops up. Recommend having unit serviced.