Unknown drain

I found this today and not sure what it is. The inspection was on a two story condo with the air handler and the laundry on the second floor.
The laundry in between the bedrooms with air handler on one end. Nothing in attic that drains that I could find. Found two condensation drains outside front and rear for the a/c and handler. I almost feel stupid so any ideas? anyone?

Emergency drain for the air handler?

I would guess it connects to the TPR drain line from a water heater. Guessing without enough info.

An additional condensation line in place of a shut off switch

Water heater is in garage an saw the TPR termination.
Air handler is on same floor and is piped to outside with the float system.
This comes straight down from attic area so I would not think the air handler would pipe up and then back down and the drain for air handler is 3/4"

Plus I don’t see how you can put a washer hose in the hole and still allow this thing to make it to the hole also

Drain line for hot water tank pan?

How old is this place? Is it possible that at one time, there was an air handler in the attic?

  1. The air handler is in a dedicated closet on the second floor and looks to be original. But thats a good thought. I have tried the eliminate the obvious first. I am kind of baffled. Even went back up into the attic. Thanks for all the input will monitor this thread for anything new and maybe somebody will get it or I may wake up tonight say eureka!

Possible grow house and this was something used for that operation? While we"re guessing I might as well throw my 2 cents in!


Thats funny since a cop is buying this

Well… nothing else is allowed to discharge to the standpipe, so it’s wrong whatever it is.

(Note: exception is laundry tub… with conditions)


Did you grab it? Maybe it is just a piece of pipe that some how ended up there.

Jeff, the condensate gravity discharge if that is what it is can discharge in the washing machine standpipe if there is room.
Please explain why it would not be allowed.

The washing machine standpipe is considered an indirect drain. :slight_smile:

I did grab it. It was attatched so didnt want to snatch it out and cause damage. Just kinda looked at it for a while wondering.

"Unknow PVC drain line at washer utility box" have plumbing contractor trace to point of origination.

I have seen this set up used for condensate drain lines as well as water softener drain. They also make a washer box with an additional drain pipe so you don’t have to have the washer drain hose in the way.

Looks to be original. Wasn’t the date plate on the unit?

The ones I have seen drain into either a sink tub, bathtub, or, over the front door.

Will, Did you find it in the attic?

I hate when I find something like this and can’t get an answer. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it bothers me until I get an answer.

. It is probably a drain for your water softer loop there is usually a standpipe included with that