Condo Firewall breach or no breach?

I took a pic of mom n laws firewall today…between her and the neighbor in attic…is this bad, marginal, or ok? Thanks…


Hi Tony,

It is bad if there is a Breach in the firewall.

Yes I know this…but does this small area constitute a breach of any worry? Or any size would be a worry? Mother in law just had this placed inspected 2 years ago…and I am finding stuff…and I am new and thick :wink:

Any breach in fire protection is potentially harmful to your well being (life) if a fire should occur.

I would want it repaired.

sigh Looks like me and bro n law have some work to do on all these things i found today…sheeesh…nothing like creating some free time for yourself eh?

My AHJ will accept up to 1/4" gaps. Drywall does not have to have all joints taped. By my standards, your MIL draft stop is probably AOK, I can’t quite tell if there’s anything bigger than 1/4", maybe the dark spots on the top right?.

Mike 1/4 in. gaps in staggered joints? Allowed? or 1/4 in. Holes?..:shock:

It is not a great picture because it was 10 feet up in the dark…but the hole in the top is about 4 x 6 inches…

thanks…i think I have my answer.

looks like about 6"sq is missing at the peak. and some water intrusion which may have weakened the drywall. just cut it clean at the peak, cut a matching peice of 5/8s, hang it and check the roof for bad ridge caps. take about 1 hour, …and a six pack.

Well, good question. When I talked to the the local fire marshal about 6 months ago about this he said 1/4" (Oops, just read my old notes & post on the old BB and the dimension is 1/16" not 1/4", big difference, sorry about that) gaps at the drywall was OK and that the joints didn’t have to be taped. Now he didn’t say anything about staggered joints though. By that, I assume you mean two layers of drywall, one over the other, and the joints not aligned, right?

That would not pass here.
No holes allowed and seams taped.

Code enforcement has even made the builder run special caulk
around the overhead door brackets where they penetrate the ceiling.


Is the drywall double or shingle sheet? Is drywall tape going to hold up over the long term? I mean you are talking an attic space that temperature is going to flucuate from hot to cold. Condensation will eventually weaken the drywall tape?

As a retired firefighter I would not want any gaps of any kind in my house, my 2 cents.:wink:

A breach is a breach

Fire Marshals arounf here require 3/4 hour burn through rating. Single sheet of firecode rock rated for the purpose is okay. Sheets should abut. No tape necessary if there are no gaps seen. In the photo, I would call for a repair. Opinions vary, but around here, a quick fix could include injecting fire-stoppong foam, similar to what is used to seal condiut benetrating a fire-rated wall.

Again, the local AHJ has the say. And, as we all know, interpretations vary from town to town, county to county, and state to state.

Now… are you sure that there isnt a block wall behind that sheetrock? I’ve seen that lots of times…