Condo inspection

Just received a call for a condo inspection. Having never done a condo before how much is there to even look at. The HVAC and electric aren’t even on the premises are they? so would you even look for them to do? Basically it’s an apartment. Just wondering who ever’s done some condo’s just how much do you look at and how much do you charge for a unit? thanks

HVAC and by electric I guess you mean panel, have been in every condo I’ve inspected. Check out

The difference from a full home inspection and a condo inspection is that A condominium inspection is a partial inspection and is performed on only those components that the buyer or homeowner is responsible for. It usually does not include the exterior components of the property, basement, crawlspace or attic as this is usually owned by the association and is not owned by the buyer or home owner.

They should have their own parking space, many have a garage, that’s also included.

In general, as a courtesy, I do “inspect” the exterior, roof, landscaping, common area and note those items (defects, safety) that may affect the unit in question. I also advice my client to determine exactly what they are responsible for and what the home owner associate is responsible for.

Yes, the electric service/distribution panel and HVAC equipment IS part of a condo inspection.

Just another day at the office.

Inspect what is there.

Thanks guys, we’ll get there and see what we got and we’ll inspect it, seems simple enough.

Feel free to call me as I will be available tomorrow if you get stuck.

Ask client to get their Realtor fro permission fro roof access ahead of time, ask for location of gas meters, main electric panel or meter, you may have a sub panel in unit, ask for permission to see building mechanicals to determine age if building is older than 10- years.

When you inspect a condo do you exclude those items like the roof, foundation etc contract etc, or do you call them out in the report as not inspected?

I always try to inspect roof and common areas, if I am not allowed access I state it in my report.

So you do all 90 floors? :slight_smile:

Only 90, was in the Hancock the other day. No Bob I do not do All the common areas in a high rise. The Hancock will not allow you on the roof, or in the mechanical areas.
You of course know that on smaller buildings 6 units or less you can get into most areas.

You back at Big John again?
I stayed away from downtown the last several days with NATO in town so you must be crazy.

Just curious which parts of common areas you inspect when doing High rises if any?

Tuesday night, not much if they wont let you, I would say 85% of the time they will not let you see the mechanicals and roof.

Yeah but I see them anyway.:slight_smile:
Just had two condos book for end of the week so I guess I am back on Condos after a place in Brookfield tomorrow.

I include a simple disclaimer at the begining of my report that explains about common areas of the building and what is not included in the report. Just another CYA paragraph.

Add at your discretion and it is better.