Any Condo specific insection tips

Good day Americas finest…I am inspecting a condo for my first time soon. Other then some stuff being common to both sides, I am assuming this will be pretty much like a regular home inspection. Do any of you condo inspection veterans have a different view. Is there anything more to a condo inspection? any addittional criteria?
Thank you
mike in MN

Inspect common areas if the client wants you to take a look but it all depends on the type building.
I do not check a roof on a 100 story place but what if it is a 2 flat ?

You need to learn about associations / whats covered / whats not /and think about each stop individually.
Forget the guys that say never look at common areas as they are wrong.
A client pays a percentage and if there are 2 units then guess what?

Adjust your fee accordingly.

That being said have a different contract showing you are not liable for common areas .

Try and find out who is responsible for what and this applies to town home associations as well.

Thanks for that important info Bob…I will have to clarify what is being inspected according to the details you listed. Since I have no experience here I did not check closely about these things yet. It sounded like I would only be looking at one unit and not necessarily the furnace and perhaps whatever other shared features. Nervertheless I presume you charge whatever your normal fee is for a house? Or do you discount this inspection since its in effect ‘half a house’ This one is a good distance to drive so if I find out that this is expected to be a lwer fee I will have to be more careful in the future.
again thanks for that useful info and hopefully you can give your opinion on my last set of inquiries.
mike in MN

I would not tell you how to price as all areas are different.
A 2,000 sq foot condo still takes a little less time than a 1,ooo sq foot home if you consider basement ,attic,exterior,garage,etc.

Somewhere in the 75% to 80% fee of a tiny house may be in the range.
But again we can be talking (studio 500 sq ft) all the way to a duplex condo as large as a big home.

My personal opinion is if it is $400 on an average home you might go $275-$300 on a 2-3 bedroom condo on your first try and see how your time is .

Do not go crazy on exterior and common elements.
I find just making sure it is safe and maintained is a good start on a fast walkthrough.
(common elements that is).
Last opinion here is with a condo people want you to be picky so bear that in mind and check appliances.They go condo to avoid headaches and expect pristine very often.

Hard to go by me as my nickname is “condo Bob” for a reason.:slight_smile:

p.s please do inspect porches,balconies and exterior stairs for safety.

great information and that is very helpful to me. this was just the stuff that i needed to know. thanks from the middle of minnesota where apparently we do not get spring this year.
mike in MN