Condo Inspection

I will be inspecting a highrise condo this week…my first condo. Is there anything specific to a condo that I should be aware of?? I am aware that the HVAC unit is mounted on the rooftop but other than that I believe it should be a straight forward inspection. Any thoughts??

Jeff Green

Sub panel likely.

Not familiar with high rise condos, you might want to consider calling /emailing (condo) Bob Elliott in Chicago. He seems very helpful on this message board.

Ez money.

Make sure to check with building maintenance to make sure you have access to the roof and know where it is. Some are locked and sometimes they don’t want you on the roof or want to escort you.

Be sure to have disclaimers in your report that it is a condo inspection and that you are not inspecting exterior areas or materials that are the domain of the condo association.

Or if you can’t access the exterior HVAC unit that you note that.

Other than that they are often a walk in the park.

Thanks and yes it is no problem.
Besides some running around i’m free tomorrow and a little bit tonight.

Doing one on wed morning.