Does anyone have any good verbiage I can use for the exterior of a condo. IE roof siding, paint, ETC, responsibility of the condo association.
I had one but can’t seem to find it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter,

Here are a few that I pilfered off this and maybe other locations.

My apologies where credit is lacking.

I think Jeff Pope shared this one:

Many of the items identified in this inspection report may fall under the care and responsibility of the Home Owner’s Association. Requests for repairs and/or corrections in these areas should be directed accordingly.

While commenting on these areas is outside the scope of your home inspection, I might comment on them to try to help you.

And I think the was shared by Joe Kormos:

[FONT=Arial]Condo disclaimer

Inspectors do not test, analyze, inspect, or offer an opinion on the
condition or function of areas or structural components common to more than
one unit, systems serving more than one unit, or areas which typically are
under the jurisdiction of a homeowners association, including, but not
limited to, structure exterior (including decks, balconies, porches,
patios, and parking structures), roof, chimney foundation, fences, and
utility service entries. Some areas or systems may or may not be under the
jurisdiction of the association (garage, water heater, laundry, etc.).
Consult with your homeowners’ association concerning your responsibility
and liability for maintenance. Homeowners associations sometimes have qualified personnel who can assist
Client with many areas of concern, sometimes at little or no cost.
Recommend always consulting with homeowners association prior to
commencing any work whatsoever.


Walking property to determine if homeowners association is maintaining
structures and property in a condition satisfactory to Client;

Having qualified homeowners association personnel inspect all common area.
Structural systems and mechanical components servicing this condominium,
particularly, but not limited to, foundation, structure exterior, roof, and

Acquiring homeowners association public records, minutes, bylaws, budget,
etc., to help determine any consistent problems with common area grounds or

Checking with homeowners association concerning Clients responsibility
and any non-recurring fees, dues, or assessments which might be


Awesome Larry, thank you. Pete