Condominium Presentation

Can someone help me with any good document or presentation on condominum. I have been asked to do a presentation for realtors that mostley deal with condominium world. Any good info would be much appreciated.


I would discuss the need for yearly HOA exterior and roof inspections and the need for maintenance inspections of each of the condos at least every three years. As far as content just discuss a typical need for home inspections to ensure proper maintenance and and safety concerns are addressed regularly.

Yes, talk about the need for yearly maintenance and inspections and also a protocol to ensure that they are enforced.

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Been watching to see what you guys come up with.

I can go on and on about Condos, but my word here at this point is to interject that Realtor’ s will wonder why you are over stepping your authority here.

Yes Condominiums should do reserve studies that entail predicting future expense which goes 5 years,and yes they should have reserve funds sufficient to cover those expenses.

These sets of tasks are the responsibility of the association which is elected by the unit owners.

If you wish to help your client ,you can suggest they check into reserve funds and get a copy of the board meeting minutes which must be made available at no cost other than cost of printing at a reasonable rate.

What bothers me is that your presentation will be redundant and looking as overstepping your SOP to a bunch of these guys.

You are bound to check only between the walls of any unit you are hired to inspect.

Now if you are going to do the reserve study , that is a whole other ball of wax,and unless you are presenting this as a sales meeting to a group of professional managers or Brokers I suggest you refocus what you plan on talking about.

Realtors like to focus on the fact that condo life is maintenance free living ,so please bear that in mind when trying to impress them.

Sorry, I did misread that. Ithought you wanted info for the investor group. Good stuff Bob.