Real Estate company presentations

I have been approached by several R.E. Companies to give a presentation to new agents on the importance of an inspection and what we inspect, SOP. Would anyone have an outline for a course or presentation?

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Thats great people are seeking you for home inspection presentation on the importance of WHY one should have one. We have a course that has been approved for teaching anyway we can help you out?

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I have a CE course that i developed and is approved by Mississippi Real Estate Commission Id be happy to share

We provide Realtor CE courses to over 350 Realtors in the Chicago area.
We have shared this training program on the forum and can easily be found using the search function of this forum.
Laziness won’t find it.

One of the very best presentations designed by Nick (I believe) a long time ago is ‘‘The 3 fatal mistakes first time home buyers make’’ If you can find it!


I’m about to market and advertise my new Home Inspection business, I would love it if you guys could share that information with me, I would love to be able to tell people the importance of having a home inspection done. Any guideline from you fellows would be greatly appreciated.

That’s great that they want that!!
Here is some general info on some items from Realtor.Com and FHA why to have a Home Inspection

I would just bring some copies of the NACHI SOP and Code of Ethics and would discuss in general the SOP.
• Mention the laws of your State what is required what isn’t included.
• You could also mention other societies exist such as ASHI are out there and also. Note, some Realtors have been polluted that it is ASHI or the highway so I would be familiar with their SOW as well so you can answer questions if challenged.
• Emphasis that people shouldn’t be focused on getting the cheapest price but understand their inspectors and interview them (insurance GL, E&O, years experience, Societies, do they do anything beyond SOW, their background, sample reports)
• State the positives of NACHI Certified Professional Inspectors and if you are a Master Certified, mention that extra step
• Possibly have some freebie handouts such as SOP, whats in an inspection brochure, etc with your business cards in folders. (watch the COE limits though)
Bring Food/Drinks – Realtors like all of us enjoy that!! Have fun and be you. Don’t stress about it