conductors screwed to bus

Has anyone seen this done before?

The home main panel located in “attached garage” and remote panel in laundry was tapped into main bus bar.

Thanks in advance for input.


Definitely a moisture/corrosion issue in that panel.

Those taps are certainly NOT compliant

What a mess…defer it.

That type of tap is not allowed and second thing is the moistore issue I really suggest have a electrician come out and have them check the breaker box very carefully and IMO I rather have that replaced anyway.


not to mention ground and neutrals under the same screw

Electrically it is a legal feeder tap assuming the other rules are followed BUT it is a listing violation in that panel unless the label says you can do it.
Some panels do allow lugging onto the bus but there are usually tapped holes on the bottom, listed for the purpose.

Notice the neutral connection/lug in the upper right hand portion of the picture…it looks as though that was added at the same time as the phase conductors.

I am very curious as to how that may have been performed…If you have other pictures, maybe you can post them.