Wires crossing bus bar.

Need help with proper report verbiage.

Would you call out the neutral wires crossing the bus bar?

Also a few of the neutrals were doubled up at the ground/neutral bars.

These wires feed the panel GFCI.

I forget why is it an issue to have doubled neutrals?

Any verbiage and explanation would be appreciated.

A few of the wires/insulation were over sprayed with paint/drywall compound.
I did not think this was an issue as it only was on the insulation.

150709 031 (Small).jpg

I probably wouldn’t report them crossing the buss bar.

I would report the doubled up.Observed multiple neutral wire connections in a single lug. This is a major fire hazard. If you have 2 or more wires in a lug and you disconnect one of the two hot wires at the breaker you could damage all the circuits and anything plugged into these circuits. Some electricians (who haven’t done their homework) will tell you that it is OK to have more than one neutral (white) wire under a screw on the bus bar. They are wrong. It has long (at least as far back as 1967) been required by manufacturer’s instructions and Underwriters Laboratories Standard 67 for panel boards. I would also report the neutrals being taped together with black tape. When I see anything black on a white wire, that communicates to me that it is being used as a “hot” line as opposed to neutral.

The over spray isn’t right, but isn’t that big of a deal either.

Here is an example that I took off this board showing why it’s important to not double neutrals…


Thanks Mark.

Nice picture. I have seen that one a few times.

Appreciatte the comments.

Would you comment on the main grounded conductor not being identified with whit tape?

No (but that’s because I probably wouldn’t have noticed that.) That’s not something I check for. (Maybe I should, I don’t know.)