Confined spaces

Are there any specific guidelines outlining what size of entry ways that we’re obligated or not obligated to enter as it pertains to access to crawlspaces and/or attics?

I’ve had an instance lately where a Realtor expected me to enter a crawlspace that I didn’t enter because I didn’t feel that I could physically enter.

I’ve been considering getting a GoPro and mounting it on a remote control car or something in order to inspect areas that I couldn’t otherwise reach. Any ideas?

I worked for SUNOCO for many years within the Philadelphia Refinery.
It was almost 20 years ago but a confined space access was 16 x 20 access on tower tray and most manway access points to vessels were 24 0r 30 inch.

I digress…

If the access point appears to be or feels to be too small… it is…
Never access a confined space without an attendant (client and/or additional employee) that can call for help if you were to become trapped within a confined crawl space.
Never enter a confined space believing your cell phone will work.

You should never do anything that you’re not comfortable with regardless of what it is and don’t let any realtors pressure you.
Good luck out there…

Standards of practice for both ASHI and InterNACHI say 18" high.

I’ve only had one I didn’t fit in; the opening was only 11"!

The nice thing about crawlspaces is it keeps you motivated to eat right and stay in shape.

It’s not a matter of getting in, it is more important that you can get out in a hurry in case of…

raccoons, snakes, cougars, live electrical wires bouncing above a puddle, opossums, fire, earthquake, gas, rats…

If it isn’t easy getting in, it sure won’t be easy getting out, even less so when in a hurry.

Older homes in this area (circa 1900) often have cistern wells within the crawl.
Falling into one, deadly if lucky…

All good advice , not about keeping in shape though a safe exit is always what counts . also watch out for water and wires laying in it. Stay alert

And wear proper equipment.