Conflict of Interest??

Thoughts on this:

Is it a conflict of interest to:

  1. Own a Pest Control company and perform Home Inspections?
  2. If home has active termites, give my Pest Company a referral?

There are several companies that do this. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, just an observation.

  1. Maybe
  2. Absolutely

Some will claim that pest control is an ancillary service not governed by the SOP or Ethics. I say NEVER cross the line of perceived ethics. One or the other, only. It is NOT the same as Radon testing, BUT, it is exactly the same as Radon mitigation! See the difference?

Because the laws on pest inspections vary widely from state to state, I’d say it depends on where you are.

It certainly could be a conflict.

Here in Md. a home inspector is not allowed to work on a house they inspect for 1 year after the inspection.

Home inspection and Termite licenses are different licenses.

I don’t think there is a conflict of interest to perform the two inspections on the same house.

But it would be a conflict to perform follow up treatment or repairs as a result of the termite inspection on a house you did a home inspection on.

Yup, and you can include this in any service; mold, radon, thermal imaging, water testing, weatherization, lead paint, etc.

If you use Home Inspection to get other work…

Depends how you go about it, and as stated, where you work.
I was investigated for it in Tn.

InterNACHI code of ethics

The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or associated services to the structure for which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems that are not included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice

I would think if you have a state license for home inspection and pest control, this still applies.