Are these connectors acceptable for permanent connections?




Or do you mean the Jack??? :mrgreen:

Jack obviously no. All the structural repairs were a mess. Just checking on the connectors. Thanks.

I used them when I remodeled my bath and had to connect to cast iron. They work great. (or is that a stain I see on my ceiling:mrgreen:)(kidding, good product)

Thanks Bobby and Brian,
I have seen them used before but I was concerned on whether there was a history of the connections leaving a ridge exposed inside the pipe that would hinder free flow and eventually cause a block up. If they have been used and approved for awhile with no problems then I assume they are good. Thanks for the reply.

Some areas prohibit the use of that style Fernco Connector they require the style that has a metal band that covers the whole body. I might also have noticed there where no nail plates to protect the PVC from nails.

I love the bottle jack. That is classic.

Bottle Jack= TN pier
Car Jack= Tn Jack Post
Floor Jack= Single wide TN relocation device

Those cheap Chinese hydraulic bottle jacks are notorious for bleeding off and slowly creeping down, or if you suddenly need to use it to jack up the wife’s Ford Pinto “Runnamuck” you have to crawl under the house everytime you need to rotate her tires. Im pretty sure CMUs are less expensive and more reliable.

Thank you for your excellent insight Doug. LMAO.