Rubber coupling

A plumber used some rubber coupling (with screw things) on my bath drain pipe to transition from the new PVC drain to the old iron waste pipe. Is this OK?

Yes, it’s a fernco adapter…google it.

Thanks. I’ll use another on the supply line then! Only kidding! Thanks for the name.

They will outlast the pipes if you believe the warranty.

That is what they were made for.

Larry is correct, and the Fernco has been used for many years to adapt to different pipe material. Ex. SDR 35 outside of the house to schedule 40 within five feet or ten feet from the house for sewer systems.

I have just seen a new product from them and you can see for your self.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A no hub fitting, instead of a fernco, was required were I plumbed.