Continuing Education credits


How long does it typically take for DBPR certified internachi courses to show up under your CE credits on your DBPR license page? From what I gathered it was automatically submitted once I passed the exam as long as my license # was under my Internachi membership account (which it is). I didn’t expect it to be instantaneously, but I can’t seem to find a ballpark figure on a wait time. I really need these CE credits to go through so I want to make sure there wasn’t an additional step to submitting them.

Thank you for any help

Good question Jeremy !
I’m waiting on the same. I Keep checking and not yet, Wind Mit was complete over a week ago.
If I get an answer to this I will post asap !

Thanks Robert,

I think my initial question was a bit cumbersome and people stayed away, but it’s kind of important info for newer inspectors up for their 2 year renewal. From what I found out after a bit more digging and a helpful internachi representative named Alan… it can take up to 2 weeks to post on your DBPR page. I took and passed the wind mit course on the 26th (hence my question) and then I checked the DBPR this morning the 28th and my credits were posted. Another course I passed that day and counted towards CE credits has not posted though. You may want to check yours though, hopefully they’ve posted for you! Good luck!

For anyone else curious, as long as you have your license # updated in your internachi member account, then any state approved internachi courses for CE credits will automatically be submitted to the DBPR when you pass the exam.

Email they will get it straightened out… usually within minutes or hours. Having said that… join FABI at FABI | Florida Association of Building Inspectors and goto the conferences every quarter and get more than enough credits… not to mention the region specific education and time spent with other Florida inspectors.

Thanks Jeremy and Mr. Fetty !

I just finished the Four Point on Wednesday, so I wasn’t expecting it to show up right away but will follow up as you noted.