Continuing Education Req for Biennial Renewal

What is your opinion of the intent of this section?
You can wait until after July to comply? You don’t have to comply until sometime in the next cycle?

(3) Licensees need not comply with continuing education requirements prior to the
licensee’s first full renewal cycle.
*Rulemaking Authority, 455.2035, 468.8315, 468.8316, 468.8325, FS. Law Implemented
455.2124, 468.8315, 468.8316, FS. History– New ________.

Correct. You don’t have any CE requirements to fulfill your first year. Afterwards, you can fulfill them online at no charge here: as they are FL DBPR approved:

So you are saying no one currently registered has to be concerned about CE on July 31 , of this year? That is when you start building on your CE requirements for 2014.

That would be correct, if they have the CE program in place. The real reason they aren’t requiring them yet is they haven’t finished setting up the program yet. When they do you’ll probably have some classes that are required each cycle and the balance will be your choice of other approved classes.

Correct, you will need 14 hours for the 2012-2014 license period. Just take the NACHI Wind Mit course and kill two birds with one stone, meeting the 14 hours and the Wind Mit requirement together.