Florida C.E. credit update

[FONT=Arial Black]Thank you for contacting the Department of Business and Professional Regulation regarding Home Inspector continuing education.
Excess continuing education credits can not be counted toward upcoming biennial renewal requirements. It is not too early to complete the 14 hour continuing education requirement for the 2014 renewal of your license; however, credit cannot be given toward the 2016 renewal period until your license actually renews in 2014.

It is like that for all licenses.

Not sure, specifically asked for the H.I. C.E. courses. Anyone can check specific professions.

Plenty of FL DBPR-approved courses to choose from: http://www.nachi.org/florida-approved-education-provider.htm#ce All free and online.

Yep ! And it is free to members .
Why pay when it is free with membership.
And for me as a Fl contractor some overlap.
I’m happy.

I have enjoy taking the courses .

Which ones overlap into the CILB for contractors?

Our Wind Mit course is DBPR approved and also CILB approved. We’ll submit more for CILB approval soon, we’ve just been so busy lately.

Thanks Nick. I knew about the WM course, but thought there were others that would at least count toward some general CE’s for CILB. I’ve still got a year to get those in…all done with HI CE’s

It is the best wind mit class out there! :cool: