Continuing Education

Here in Illinois home inspectors are required to complete 12 hours of CE every two years. Lately it seems that it is more difficult to find courses to take, due to the same topics being taught over and over. ITA is only offering 3 courses at its Illinois school on its present course schedule for example.
Another thing is the cost of these courses. Sure everyone has to make money, but with the down turn in the real estate industry, things are slow, and alot of the people who jumped on the band wagon a few years ago are either back to a full time job or out of business completely. And yet we pay high fees for our license to do our job, and the state does not assist with any aid for continuing education, but these schools are making money at our expense to satisfy the State of Illinois. Don’t get me wrong, the more education we have, the better job we can do for our client’s, but it is the classic case of the little guy having to make choices on where to spend his money, and right now money is tight. NACHI requires 24 hours of CE a year, and if we are having a hard time meeting the states requirements, how can we meet NACHI’s also. Someone has to give. I do home inspections full time, I make a good living, but like any other businessman, you have to watch where and when you spend your money.
Any thoughts on this topic?

Cost nothing to do the NACHI on line courses
Do then in your spare time…Cookie

Hi Tim,

I know that both the Illinois State chapter of NACHI and the Chicago chapter have put on more than enough low cost CE to satisfy your State CE requirements, I have several courses accepted by the state for CE and taught up there last year and will be doing my roofing course (6 hours CE) later this month in Northern Illinois. Ken tells me that there are still a few seats available:



The State now requires 18 hours of CE every two years. There are many opportunities to get the CEs. I only need 6 more hours and I will have met the requirement for the two year period and be done with it, that way I don’t have to worry about getting the CEs the last couple of months. The Chicago NACHI Chapter is offering a Thermal imaging teaser, worth 3 state CEs, at their November meeting. It costs $25 for Chicago Chapter members and $35 for non-Chicago Chapter NACHI members. Also a great roof course in Zion last Saturday of October for 6 CEs and even more NACHI credits and $125. I do not have a problem finding classes to gain the necessary CEs, one just have to keep an eye out and get er done. Don’t like to pay either, but I just look at it as a cost of doing business, which is built into my inspection fees.

There are also plenty of opportunities to get free classes if you look in the continuing education section of this Web site. CertainTeed comes to mind and has a wonderful CE selection good for NACHI credits and there free.

I guess I am just used to gaining CE requirements per my first career as a paramedic then fire officer in career department. Believe me, the number of CEs demanded there far outnumber 24/yr and 18 every two. We just have to grin and bear it i guess!

Good luck!