Need help with contract..

i just had a paper contract done with my lawyer i was wondering how to handle it with getting it to the customer for future inspections i would like to be able to email it to them and just have the customer printer it off read and sign it then have them bring it to the inspection if they decide to hire me, and then just have them sign another for my records does anyone else do it this way? My only concer with this is for someone to say they didnt get the contract a couple of days before the inspection. Or should i find a way to make it so they can electronically sign it and then send it back? I do know that Internachi website has a online contract system i can use but due to the cost i am not sure how much longer i will be able to use the site. I am just wondering how other people handle doing there contracts without having to make 2 trips to the house needing the inspection?? Sorry for posting this in the wrong thread the first time i am new to this and still learning. Thanks for and help

Nachi online service works great. I only recently discovered it but after having used it a few times, wouldn’t try to do agreements any other way. There’s a lot of benefit to being here and that’s definitely one of them in my opinion.

Email,print,scan,return also works. But you are asking the client to go out of their way to accomplish this. Even just asking them to print is something I wouldn’t necessarily do. I’d rather send to them for review and requested signature at time of inspection on copies that I provided. Which is what I was doing before going to online system.

Post it in a new thread in this forum and I’ll critique it for you.

And provide a link here?

I critique pre-inspection contracts live, right here in this forum. Just start a new thread and post it.

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