Contract for 4 point and wind mitigation

Agree w-John must of our client also pay-online

What are you guys using to get payments online?

ISN and

Thanks, I may try it out. Never bothered to because I did not think that many people would use it.

I use paypal for the stand alone inspections and get paid before I get there. It costs 3% I think.

That’s a great idea!!

That’s a great idea!!

I also use pay pay and have the client cover the fee. for their convenience :slight_smile:

Good thread, I don’t use a contract for Four Point inspections (Citizens Form), but I have added a clause in the ‘ADDITIONAL COMMENTS OR OBSERVATIONS:’ section stating that this form may not be accepted by State Farm or Tower Hill.

Tower Hill accepts the Citizens form, just have to add a few extra photos.

I know that Tower Hill has their own form, it is good to know that they also accept the Citizens form too. Thanks.

waste of time.