Contract for 4 point and wind mitigation

I’m a newbie inspector trying to get this new trade off and running.
Looking for someone that is willing to share a four point and wind mitigation contract.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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Basic, but effective.

Thank you so very much! :slight_smile:
Gregory Chappell

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**Looks good Eric, might steal some of that next time I update mine. Mine is a bit more simple.

Inspection Contract**

Inspection #__________________ Date______________

** I ______________________________________ agree, and understand that this inspection may or may not allow me to receive a discount on my homeowners insurance policy. The cost of this inspection will be $ ________ payable by check (Remit to Fair Wind Inspections Inc.) or cash today upon completion of this inspection. You can expect the inspection report e-mailed to you in 1 to 3 working days****.**

Sign_____________________________ Date______________
Fair Wind Inspections

Sign_____________________________ Date______________
There was no damage done due to this inspection.

Sign after inspection _____________________________

I think you are all wasting your time and storing paperwork you do not need to. Just my 2 cents.

Thats why mine is on a 1/2 sheet :cool:

:slight_smile: save a tree

It is on my phone and gets uploaded to the cloud. No trees were harmed during the course of the inspection…

Good Man :slight_smile:

Yeah at time of inspection. After they get the pictures then the trees come down:mrgreen:


Thank you very much Kevin.

Who needs a contract for a wind mitigation inspection?

Some feel it is prudent to have one. As there are no “standards”, that might create some issues.

Mine is part of my wind mitigation report along with the invoice.
When I send the report, I don’t print to pdf those two pages.

Comes in handy when they call a year later and say “I thought I was getting a 4-point inspection” or vice-versa. You show the agreement showing what was agreed between both parties. Settles it right there. Even quiets the Realtor. It’s a business and it only makes sense. Best part is when they say “I thought I was getting a home inspection” because the Realtor told them to only get a 4-point inspection. You show the agreement that spells out what was being done. Using an agreement is just being professional.

20K insurance inspections and we never used one. If they do not realize when they get the report what it is, then they have a problem, not me. Since we are usually in contact with their agent, if anything is unclear we straighten it out before doing the inspection.
There have been times when people insist they do not need X and we do it anyway when we are at the property because we know they will needed it, especially at home inspections.

People do not understand insurance inspections, they do not understand the differences. Many times they call the office and ask for a “Roof thingy” or and “inspection report” for their agent.

It is our job as professionals to guide them and help them get what they need.

Very true. Sometimes a quick email to the agent to clarify what their exact needs are. The last thing the agent wants to do is call the homeowner up and tell them they need another inspection after they just paid for one.

I use my contract primarily as a way to say “this is the price we agreed to, please cut me a check or bust out the cash when we are done”… without actually have to ask for money.

I simply ask “How did you want to handle paying for the inspection today?”

More than half pay on-line before I do the inspection. That saves me time waiting for the checkbook, especially when they want to discuss the inspection with the realtor.

Thanks everyone!