contractor claims I don't need roof flashing by dorm windows???

I recently had my home reroofed. The contractor removed all the old shingles and took the roof down to the decking, new felt and ice guard. After the job was dne i had an inspector look at the work and he noticed they did not install flashing by the dorm windows. I asked the contractor about it and he said that it didn’t need it and it would not leak.

Anyone know if he is correct?

Anyone know if this is against code (I live in Columbus, OH)?

Thanks for any replies I am a new homeowner and just want the job done right.

Dormer windows should be flashed.

2009 International Residential Code

R903.2 Flashing. Flashings shall be installed in a manner that
prevents moisture from entering the wall and roof through
joints in copings, through moisture permeable materials and at
intersections with parapet walls and other penetrations through
the roof plane.

**Commentary: **As with flashing required for other locations at the
building’s exterior, it is critical that those locations
where moisture may penetrate the exterior membrane
at the roof be adequately protected. General locations
identified include joints at the coping, intersections
with parapet walls and other penetrations through the
roof plane.

R903.2.1 Locations. Flashings shall be installed at wall and roof
intersections, wherever there is a change in roof slope or direction
and around roof openings
. Where flashing is of metal, the metal
shall be corrosion resistant with a thickness of not less than 0.019
inch (0.5 mm) (No. 26 galvanized sheet).

**Commentary: **This section identifies specific roof locations for the installation
of flashings. In those cases where metal is
used as the flashing material, it must be corrosion resistant
and a minimum No. 26 galvanized sheet.


Thank you for your time and expertise.

Look it will not leak but for how long.
Step flashing and counter.
The siding must be started 1" inch above the decking.
Like this. Its is only a illustration… But that is it in a nutshell.
Counter flashing on top the the siding. Sidind started 1 inch above the decking.
He might have stripped the shingles and left the flashing,( sizers ) there because they can not be reinstalled in some cases under the siding, unless you want to redo the dormers siding.
COST. But he should tell you.
Talk nicely to him. Ask him for his opinion and how he did it.
Roofers and roofing are a hard trade to say the least. Tough men and little patients. So approach them with an open mind.