Contractor or engineer?

The off-ridge vent cuts were a little deeper than needed for this home. Some are almost half way through the truss and it’s a concrete tile roof. Can this be referred to a contractor to simply reinforce or must it go through an engineer?


Out of curiosity how much of a cut is too much? In other words I know when they cut it’s inevitable they will catch the truss a little. Is less than a quarter of the depth of the truss acceptable?

Trusses are engineered units and should not be cut, notched, or modified in any way without an engineer’s approval.

What’s up with the gusset plate? It doesn’t look quite right from here…



Maybe it doesn’t look right because the picture is of the roof slope on the hipped end? Or am I missing something?

Contractor with a prescriptive repair approved by an engineer. Also Angie’s List…those idiot roofers need to be called out.

Thank you all for the responses. House is only 3 years old. I suggested the seller address it with the builder since they are still in business and building in the subdivision.