I think the guy needs an engineer.

I talked to the guy and told him I could not help. His contractors want it inspected before they will rebuild what he wants. Here is his info if you or anyone you know can help him. Good Luck.

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[FONT=Times New Roman]I’m looking for a Roof Inspector that will come and inspect the truss on my roof. The home was in a fire and the original roof was scorched and have smoke damage. When the home was built in the 60’s it originally had a tile roof, since then it was changed to shingles. I would like to rebuild the home with a tile roof. If you can please help me with this situation please contact me.[/FONT]
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Sounds to me like a general contractors question. You should answer him and give him the best knowledge according your experience. I mean isn’t that the purpose of your GC license? If you cannot answer then send him to the person who can.

What kind of engineer would you recommend for roof truss’s?

No he has load questions about what type of roof he can put on. A general Contractor can only build a roof if it is on a home of his own construction and only shingles. Only an architect or engineer can tell him if his trusses are safe for what he wishes to do or after fire damage. Contractors just put together the home with what those fellas decide is best we do not make those decisions.

As I said before this guy needs an engineer if anyone knows one that wants work pass on the info.

Refer him to a qualified structural engineer, if you can.

I do not personally know any:(

That is the purpose of this post.

A general contractor should be able to call in the proper proper personnel
write up the proposal, supervised the work and walk away with at least 25%

A general contractor leaving money on the table is unheard of up north.

I am just trying to pass on work.

The guy called me and asked me to inspect it because his G.C. would not do the work without an inspection. I do not want the job and I am realatidly sure the G.C. he wants to do the work doen not wish to have a home inspector do it. I believe by the conversation I had that what he NEEDS is an engineer.

Those days are done. If you are even trying to make 25% on anything you are not going to get the job.

The exception is if you know the client personally and have past experience with them and they want you. Otherwise it ain’t gonna happen.


If there were no building codes when this house was built there’s is no guarantee, even if the roof was not damaged, it would meet the engineering requirements of today. I just Googled for structural engineers in Miami and found several that could do the job. My advice to your client would be to stick with the smaller firms. The big ones have high overhead and typically make their living off of big government jobs. They have the tendency to be over priced for small jobs like this one:

The first one on the list looks like the one I would try first.

Thanks for the info.

I only posted this here so if someone knew someone who wanted the job they could contact the guy.

My work on it is done.

I am just passing on the request the guy had to anyone who may want it.

If the home was built in the 60s, it probably had a barrel tile mud down roof. It is one of the heaviest roofs there is, so if he wants to put on a newer s-tile or flat tile, it should be plenty strong. It should have 1 x 6 tongue and groove wood for the decking and it may be 16 inch on centers for the trusses.
As long as there was no major damage to the trusses, you can put just about any roof you want on it.

Sounds great.

I am not interested in the job.
Please feel free to contact him and tell him you will check it out.

Send him to us. We are experts

See above message it pertains to all who may find this thread.
All the info is at the top.
I hope someone here gets the job and it is quite profitable.

This is all I am doing, I will not be contacting them again and I do not know them personally. He is just a guy who found me on the web :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine why you didn’t offer to perform an inspection and render an opinion. If in fact there is damage then you should be able to determine that for yourself, note it in a report and refer a licensed TRUSS engineer for further evaluation. Photos of the damages taken by you and presented to the enginneer should be sufficient to allow him to design a remedy.

Do you understand your capacity as a home inspector? You should have been able to help this client instead you left him high and dry. It is not as though you ripped him off, you just didn’t help him. He needed you, not an enginner.


Call me. I have someone who can do it for you.

Jump on it.

I am not interested in it and want nothing to do with it and never did.
I size up people and the situations before I deal with folks. I only posted here to be a nice guy and try to get him help and someone else work.
I offer it here so someone who wants it can have it and I catch crap.

I turn down all kinds of offers on a daily basis.