truss cut

What do you think and say about this?

I noted it in my report but when addressing my client I told him there should be written documentation of approval to modify truss, but not to alarm him it was done years ago and I left it up to him to decide if he wants to do. Everthing appears to be fine at this point. Give me your thoughts


Are those electrical wires against the metal chimney? If so I would move them away to prevent a potential safety issue.

IMO The truss should of never been cut and whomever installed the metal vent did a ametuer/unhandyman job. The vent doesnt appear to have the proper clearance from combustables.


David’s right. A cut truss is structurally compromised, and only a structural engineer is qualified to judge what action is necessary. Never leave yourself open to a lawsuit by making “specialist” pronouncements.

Modified/cut truss, clearance from combustibles of b-vent and electrical wires. I would write them all up. However, these should not be deal breakers, IMHO. A qualified contractor should be able to correct these deficiencies for a few hundred bucks.

Ditto with everything said above. Please note everything you see and write hard.

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thanks, I did notify them about the wires touching the liner also. The hard part of the bus. is when you see something like this you know what to do but when the client directly asks you is it ok, that’s where I give them recommendations, write my finding in my report and leave the decision up to them. Not sure what else to do? thanks guys


When in doubt, follow the guidlines of the NACHI SOP’s, at that point you can’t go wrong.

Talk alot and write hard. Cover thine A$$. Hmmm. sounds familiar.

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