Rafter Repair - is this acceptable?

Got a rafter that has been repaired with a V type joint and nails. It’s a stick built 8:12 roof, new construction.

Buyers agent is’nt happy about all the things I’m pointing out.

What you think (picture attached)

I would think they should at least sister the joint, or even at more least (!) use mending plates.


Yep or a plate , Who cares the agent is unhappy? you did your job.

Thanks for the quick reply. Are you saying it’s not accepable as it is?

It would be a defect to me . I would ask for a repair or documentation on the repair if it is engineer truss .

That type of joint is called a basic scarf. No, it’s definitely NOT acceptable.
FYI, correction requires installation of gussets by a qualified contractor, gussets being strips of 3/4" plywood ripped to the rafter dimension and glued and nailed to both sides of the rafter for at least the length of the joint, but don’t you specify the correction.
Recommend correction by a qualified contractor or by a SE if you’re worried about liability, but it’s a relatively simple fix unless there’s more than just one.