Contractor says it's ok!

This afternoon was a “flipped” house. The contractor says that these plumbing vents are ok in the crawlspace. :shock:

Every vent was wide open to the crawlspace, there was even an old cast iron fitting wide open (used to be a toilet) they didn’t even bother to cap.

Nice cut joist too.

So what’s the problem? ;-):roll:

Ahh, who goes in the crawl space anyway…Only that dam inspector.


Doesn’t appear that “Flipper” has ever heard of a plumbing code. Or possibly a little miss-construed information about “Air Admittance Valves” has been has been taken way too far!!! Not sure how the system works in Georgia but in Illinois in unincorporated areas there is still a state plumbing inspector that can be called upon. Also county health departments may also be interested in these conditions. There are enforcement methods besides the buyer’s $$$. :slight_smile: Maybe you were just too early and they weren’t tied in yet!! You know, work in progress!

By the looks of those plumbing connections it appears the installer was using to much primer and inhaled some of it :shock:

Loved the purple primer polka dots, nice art. Is this real? I was a contractor for about 25 years and met quite a few loo-loo’s but this one ranks in the top ten or so of all “Say What?”'s. Probably best to just document what’s there and recommend having a real plumber go after 'em.

Well to me it’s obvious the contractor did not have any permits on this job. Around here the code enforcement guys wouldn’t let that happen. There’s no way it would pass. (but I’ve been wrong before).

Has anyone heard of methane. Headache, headache, headache.
If the main waste ever stops up OOOOOHHHH what a mess!!! And the stink!!!

Obviously, the so-called contractor meant to use the word ‘functional’ instead of ‘ok’.:mrgreen: YUCH !! Hopefully, the potential buyer will pay attention to the inspection report and consider it money well spent.

Well if the contractor says so…:roll:

What about that trap?

Good job! You clients should be very happy they hired you!

at least the plumbing will never back up in the sinks, tubs, etc.

out of sight, out of mind, never mind the stank.