What To Say ?

What do you say about this?


Nice try? A- for effort? Creative?

LOL…hahaha, This was a brand new Flipper. The guy that did it got pissed at my comments, I told him to get a clue and a License. The rest of the place had a few more surprises for me.


This is Less then a professional Installation .
I am concerned other work that might be hidden could be done incorrectly.

WOW that is ironic you said that Roy. I made that comment to my client at the inspection, well the listing agent was also there, she is the one that told the flipper, then he got all pissy at me. That’s when I asked he had a license…he said aaaaaa no. That’s the point where I told him and the listing bitc…h to stop speaking to me until they were qualified to do so.

My client loves me…:cool:


At least they didn’t use a slinky drain piece :D.
Seriously, what’s wrong with it, though?

I would be asking why the drain line is coming through the base “in the front” of the cabinet. Most unusual, which would indicate bigger problems under the cabinet.

I know it looks ugly , but I’ll bet it works OK.
The wire without conduit of some sort would be more of a concern since it in under the sink.
I would have like to have seen it in a flex conduit.

Roy L it will work too good! I bet dollars to donuts that I can get a gas reading from it.

I did miss it.
Where is the vent ?
Thanks for pointing that out.

Also the extra fittings have turned into an S trap ?