Homeowner thought this was OK

This poor homeowner thought that it looked ok.
These people have 2 small girls in the home as well.
I think when she said it looked ok my jaw dropped a little.(8\) (8\)
So she then tried to fix it while I was standing there taking another picture and as that was happening I told her I can not and will not fix it, as soon as the words left my mouth, the whole thing fell to the ground.

What’s wrong with a water heater venting into the basement???


Some inspectors are just too damn nitpicky.

That looks like a great place to put a waiting room to see the good doctor Kavorkian!

It must be OK, they used UL approved duct tape!!! Was this Red Green’s house? :slight_smile:

Recycling heating gases is ok, right?

Hey is that a bug under the TPR?


Looks like some sort of melted solution.

From the way that brick looks ,and the furnace vent T I would say they have a chimney liner problem.

:idea: Just open the windows, DUH !!!

That statement can be a thread all to itself.

and remember “If the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy” :mrgreen:

That is what my wife said!!:slight_smile:

that tpr valve looks a little scary too.

I wold love to finish my inspection but I am just so tired (X})

I dont know why you home inspectors have a problem with this installation, the building inspector thought it was allright