How do I know if it was converted to be in contact or not?

Do you have a photo of the entire label?


So far I have gathered that different lamps and trim will determine its rating. I am thinking the trims that house the lamp and reflect the heat back into the room may be what constitutes the IC rating but I can’t find anything that confirms my theory.

Got it!

As you can see, the type of bulb, shape of trim and even the color will determine if the lamp is IC or NON IC. I had no idea

In conclusion, unless you are going to investigate all of these lamps, I would include a standard disclaimer.

That’s why I asked about the label. Typically the different combinations of trim and lamp will determine whether or not the fixture can be used as an IC type.

Gotcha. Do you agree that standard disclaimer should be used with these types of recessed lights?

I would guess so because I don’t see how you could inspect every one of these fixtures for IC/Non-IC compliance. In my own home I have 50 of these (high hat) of fixtures.

Attic: Recessed lighting fixtures
LOCATION(S): Family room.
Recessed light fixtures that are installed in insulated ceilings can represent an overheating hazard if they are not suitably rated for this application. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify that the installation has been made safely, during a home inspection. Recommend verifying if lights are IC rated as needed and/or consulting with seller concerning any homeowner manuals or manufacturer installation instructions for recessed lights and/or having insulation moved away from the recessed lights to prevent any possibility of overheating if needed.](