Tablet PC

Hey Guys,

Can anyone recommend a good, reliable and affordable tablet pc?

I use an HP touchsmart tm2

not good in the sun, it has plenty to do everything I need.

Check Target!


CTL2Go from$500 for a durable tablet built for school kidsm. use coupon code HIPREF20. We have around 300 Home Inspector Pro users with them and I’ve seen 3D, Whisper and eInspections with them as well. Should work fine for HG or any other program too.

Think I’ll order one myself Dom…looks like a nice Tablet.


They were meant to stand up to elementary school kids… perfect for you Dale :slight_smile:

Thanks Pal—:stuck_out_tongue:

No problem :smiley: We all know how fast you go through computers. This might keep your out of service stack from growing for awhile.

I have used the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5031 for about 3 years now and it has worked perfectly for me. The thing about the 5031 is it has a reflective screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight. I use the extended life battery and it has never failed me on an inspection. There are 3 models st5030= indoor screen, st5031 outdoor screen and st5032 indoor/outdoor screen. I have never used the st5032 but a person I bought some accessories from used one and was switching to the st5032 because did not do well in direct sunlight. I think both the st5030 & st5032 have 12" screens and the st5031 has sometging just over a 10" screen. Fujitsu says this is because the st5031 uses a reflective screen and uses front lit led lights and any larger screen size would cause the screen the be dim in indoor situations. The last time I looked a used st5031 can be gotton on ebay for around $500-600 or so.

The new model is the st5111 and can be purchased for $1500-2000 new and refurbished can be found on ebay and elseware for less.

If interested I have also used other units such as Samsung Q1U and the Motion Computing 1600 tablets.

Oops----- the persom I was reffering to was using a fujitsu st5032 and was switching to the st5031 because the st5032 did not do well in direct sunlight.

Thank you Guys,

I have a couple of questions? To fill out the wind mit form (PDF type file) on the tablets how would you do it? Do you have install Acrobat Pro on it? Also does anyone if an Ipad can do the job as well? Thank you all

I am interested in the same answers as Jose.

iPad is too weak. 256 megs of ram, 1 ghz processor. It’s equal to a computer about 10 years ago. It’s meant for consumption, not content creation. The CTL2Go is much more durable too. If you still really want a slate, check out the 2GoPad with 2 gigs of ram and a 1.6ghz processor. It runs every windows program rather than the limited App Store. I still think the tablet is better since it’s rubberized and more durable.

Tablet/Slates work like a mouse. You can tap anywhere, plus you can write on the screen and have it converted to text. If you have a form fillable PDF (which some of you have) then it’ll work fine right into the PDF.

Thank you all…

Jose (Manny), I recently purchased a Motion LS800 thinking I would use it for my business. I haven’t even used it one time to be honest. Used but everything works great. I just haven’t taken it out into the field as I am still not fully convinced of using it that way. It has a bump case with shoulder strap included. Holds a good charge and has extra refills for the stylus pen. Currently running both software versions of Windows 7 and Windows XP Tablet. You choose which one you want to run at start-up. I think I purchased it on an impulse unfortunately. Basically it’s just sitting here in the office. If you are interested, email me at: and we can work something out if you like. I’d have to go back and check but, I believe I paid $275.00 for it back in August of this year. Contact me and we can meet up somewhere. I think you are in my neck of the woods. Let me know.


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iPad is too weak. 256 megs of ram, 1 ghz processor. It’s equal to a computer about 10 years ago. It’s meant for consumption, not content creation. The CTL2Go is much more durable too. [

They said the same thing about the Apple Newton 15 years ago…how much megs of ram is needed to collect text in the field ?? very little…If you are using the device to replace a clipboard and form then an iPad and/or a PDA is the way to go. Much less headaches to deal with (Windows OS issues). Much better battery life, no hard disk to crash…and there are ruggedized cases for all these devices also (Otterbox). I really have not seen a small tablet device I like that runs a full Windows OS…the biggest issue is the entire screen becomes compressed and the font becomes very small. Repeat after me…“You do NOT NEED a full-blown Windows OS machine to do data collection in the field !!” ;)](“”)

That’s true Jeff, but a lot of guys want to import 300 pictures and add hem into the report too. You’re suggesting they export data from an IPad to another machine onsite to finish the job. If theyre doig it at home thats less of an issue.

Most are going back to their office now and creating and sending their report via an e-mail or posting on the web. Ink costs are way too much if you are including hundreds of pictures to print on site. If they are doing 300 pictures I doubt they want to do the incorporation of all those photos into their report on site and then have to draw arrows and add captions also.

Not all are incorporated. The average I see is about 30-40 pics. But most guys keep the rest stored in the inspection file for reference later.

I think Apple just slowed down the sales greatly for the iPad by releasing the new Macbook Air. That is until they stick a full OS on it that is (or at least a stronger one).

I don’t agree but that is okay. Just like my opinion on the Windows OS…you do not need a full blown Mac OS either to do data collection. The simpler the better. The Apple Newton was the best data collection device ever made and it had its own customized OS just for that purpose…and that was 15 years ago. We still have home inspectors using them…and won’t give them up.

You can still run Newton OS on your iPod and probably iPad. Check out and relive the device :wink: