tablet pc?

Hello I’m looking at a Fujitsu st5031 tablet pc, is there any other tablets out there anyone would recommend for my inspections. Thanks

I totally love the Toshiba Portege m200.

Hi to all,

Brian, I am on my 3rd Fujitsu now (the others are still working) I love them and would not by any other brand.

I just wish they were a little more price competetive :wink:


I have been waiting for something like this. Buy it and let us know how it works.:smiley:

I too have heard great thing about the tablet PC’s. When I did my clinical at the ER for my EMT class, the hospital I worked at said that the toshiba’s were the only tablets they would use due to their durabillity and functionabillity.

A tablet PC is where I will eventually end up going, as soon as I can shag enough inspections to warrant it! :slight_smile:

That looks really cool. I would love to use something like that.

I dunno. I like my Axim. Cheap with the NACHI discount and does everything. Powerhouse also. I got the top model for about $400 off between the NACHI dis. and the special that was running at the time.

It may not be a tablet, but heck. You can’t beat that kind of deal.

Thanks for some input, I’ve heard that the best tablet is the panisonic tuff book cf-18, my bro is in the navy and they use the toughbook, but it’s really out of my price range. 1 question to brian, do you want me to purchase this first and then tell you what I think or do you have experince with this model. What I like about the Fujitsu st5031/5032 is that it is only a tablet and no extra things to carry like keyboard,cd drive, and so on. What models did you use Gary. I’ve been seeing them listed with fujitsu outlet refurbished for about $1300-1500. 90 day warrenty.

The tuffbook is heavy and expensive, but if you are prone to accidents and are not graceful, it may be for you.

I can’t comment on teh Fujitsu, but I know that I do so much work (and about half of my posts) from the road - anywhere I can steal a wireless signal - that I would be totally lost without the ability to turn the Toshiba into a laptop and crank out some emails, invoices, reports, etc…while at lunch, waiting for clients, whatever…

Another feature I like is the SD slot allows me to take my digital photos right from teh camera and slide the card into the tablet and file complete reports with photos from anywhere - even immediately on site (for an additional fee of course!!)

I would recommend the Motion Computing LS800.

NACHI discount? NO! Don’t tell me I just dropped six hundo on this thing and there is a NACHI discount.

I use the Panasonic Toughbook. I’m an Army Engineer and we use them for site work and design in the field. Very awesome product. Water resistant too, so if it’s raining outside you’re good. Look on ebay. Got mine brand new for around 2K.


Uh…no…there’s no…:shock: …dis…count…GULP

Here’s the link:

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I am with Gerry on this, I have nothing bad to say about it, (knock on wood) I have not had a lick of trouble with it. I use Fujitsu T4010 lifebook and like the flexibility. Tablet on site, laptop in the office or car.

Wendy, make sure you do your backups regularly on that Dell. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

I am interested in the toughbook. How is the screen in direct sunlight?

Thanks Patrick :slight_smile:

I recently bought a Dell Axim x51v. The best pocket pc for the Dell handhelds, got it off of eBay for less than $300.

Works great, plus with all the different software available I can develop my own field checklists,etc…

Good Old Fort Lost in the Woods, I spent a couple of miserable years there back in the 70’s as a Drill Sargeant…“ESSAYONS”

It’s good as long as you keep the screen clean. If you get a lot of smudges or dirt on it, gets difficult to see.