Copper gas tubing at manufactured fireplace

Anyone know of a requirement to sleeve copper gas tubing where it enters the sheet metal enclosure of a manufactured fireplace? I see it sometimes and suspect that certain jurisdictions require it, but I can’t find a code to require it in the IRC. Personally I don’t see the need for a sleeve there.

This is not a code compliance message board…

However, I feel that:

All plumbing penetrations should be sleeved (in my opinion), if they are subject to potential damage.

But there are a lot of “Barney Fife Inspectors” that can help you out here…

Not required in my jurisdiction, because copper is not allowed for natural gas distribution :mrgreen:

Some inspectors around here write it up. I’m not sure why. There is no vibration so what is the potential damage possibility? There is no exposure to corrosive materials, no chance of a galvanic reaction.

I don’t believe in recommending repair based on ‘Joe’s Law.’

That same pipe likely touches various other materials as it snakes through the house. Why sleeve it here?

not sure if this is what you needed

regardless of gas supply pipe material
most mfr require seal at entry through firebox
check install instructions ymmv

Why is the damn sewer line sleeved?

  1. It’s not ours to question why.
  2. It’s not our damn job to determine what the code is.

Could be a habit since they sleeve it for csst. CSST manuf now recommends keeping the pipe a certain distance from other metal. The prefab metal boxes usually have an electrical outlet underneath that may be bonded to the fireplace.

To prevent direct contact from the foundation on the sewer pipe. Reduce the possibility of cracking. But I digress.

I ask because a local inspector inspected a property I did a pre-listing inspection on and he wrote up the absence of a sleeve on a copper gas tube (Bruce, he has a name similar to yours). Seems like we all agree there is no requirement (other than possibly the fireplace manufacturer’s).