Copper pipe ( open ) in guest bath ceiling ?

The pipe is copper on the ceiling …and its above the sink…
It would make a mess if liquid discharged. What could the pipe
be for?
A nice bathroom in a a two story condominium.
Its got the silver flange surrounding it.

Condensate drain? TPR discharge extension? What was above it?

Secondary condensate drain for the A/C

Is it just an open pipe with a flange around it?
Does the building have fire sprinklers?
Maybe they forgot to attach a sprinkler head.
(Just thinking out load)


At least it would be conspicuous if it started leaking.

That’s exactly the point…


Thanks everybody for the feedback…

Ditto. :smiley:

David ,I see these all the time in High rises.
Those are simply concealed sprinkler head plates.

Were they in the rest of the residence or just the bathroom?

(what resolution is your camera set at)?,I can never magnify your posted images.

Not a sprinkler Bob. These are secondary condensation lines for the heat-pump system.

Looks like a plate to me but then I rarely see heat pumps.what a strange discharge location.

It’s intended to be “conspicuous,” so that it will be noticed. This way, you will be aware of a blockage in the primary.


I have never heard of a fire sprinkler piping system being fabbed in copper!
Definitely not approved for that use anywhere

I was going by the picture which is low res and impossible to magnify.

Certainly never saw a drain like this before.