Hose from copper piping..

Hi Gang,

I am sure there is a good explanation for this, I have just never seen it before. This hose (garden hose) goes from the copper plumbing piping into the floor drain. Sorry the one pic is sideways, I can’t figure how to do it differant. The house has a newer A/C and furnace. What is this hose for?

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe to drain the supply system upstairs for servicing?

That was one thought I had Stephen. Just not sure.

Either that or to wash out kitty’s box when needed.

I don’t see a dirt leg for the water heater. Are they required in your area?

Does the home have underground sprinklers?

The draincock that the hose is attached to may be to back drain the line from the shutoff valve to the vacuum break on the outside of the house to prevent freezing. Hose is just a convenience to get the draining water to the floor drain.

Without seeing the “whole picture”, it’s hard to say. It could be a drain for the system. it could be a washdown hose,

Turn them before you upload them. Do you put them in your report sideways?

Hey, as long as instructions are included on how to turn the report page sideways…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh heck, I thought I fell over when I opened that first picture. :wink:

I agree with Larry…if the home has U/G sprinklers, I see a lot of folks doing that for two reasons. One as Larry suggested, and the other is because the Main Gate valve to shut down the U/G’s for the season, isn’t holding. It allows a dribble to pass by the shut off valve and this is a way of letting the seepage to go to the drain, instead of having to empty buckets or letting the lines fill up again over the winter months and freezing/breaking a line.

Gate valves are famous for seepage.