Copper/plastic wraps around water lines connected to a device. What is this thing?

sheathed copper ribbons wrapped around H&C lines, connected to a device with carbon fiber in it, which appears to be plugged in behind a fridge.

what is it?

Lightning Arrestor? :thinking:

Looks like a water heater from here… :thinking:

for what, an aquarium? :grin:

My first thoughts were the copper wrapping prevents the aluminum piping from radius kinks but I think I am mistaken.



I think you might be right. thanks!

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Wonder if they work? :man_shrugging:

yea good question… these homeowners also had a water softener. heavy duty water conditioning.

bingo! they got the top shelf model.


Ya know it’s crap when even Amazon offers you a discount AND a coupon!!


You need to get out more! Just another gimmick / scam!!

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I was thinking the same. Never seen it before.

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Always online or mail-order… NEVER in a store!

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I’m thinking its a a way to bond hot and cold water pipes together. Most grounding systems (when metal pipes were used) only used the cold water pipes leaving the hot water pipes throughout the house “floating” and not bonded. Jumping between them (at the water heater is probably the most convenient place) updates/corrects this.

The Amazon gizmos referenced don’t appear to be for this purpose so maybe I’m off but I have seen a bonding jumper at that location before. Fwiw, it was an electrician’s house so I figure that’s what he was doing.

I was waiting on @jjonas to ask but it appears he’s gone soft on this one.

When are you going to join?

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Or these things from yesterdays inspection…

What does this say?


Aqua-doc the natural prescription to a clear solution
Van Nuys California

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FU Eff Ewe

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