Help with identification

During a recent home inspection in Clearwater, Fl. I found these hockey pucks attached to the hot water supply lines of the water heater. Any ideas as to what they are for. I’m guessing some kind of hard water/chemical removal apparatus.
Thank you

Some sort of hocus pocus magnetic water treatment device. I have seen a couple and the home owners never know what they are cause they came with the house. Someone posted a link but my summary is pretty good too lol

I just laugh when I see those.

Magnets designed to soften the water by rearranging the ions as the water passes through. I’ve used them on tropical fish tanks filtration return lines for the same purpose.

Hydroxy Technology??

See? Hocus pocus magnetic water treatment thingy

I just laughed…smh :roll:

Well the installer was confused about North and South and Out and In. OK, so you have a dyslexic installer installing a magnet designed to… extract any metals from water flowing past and accumulate them against the pipe bore, thereby reducing flow?

Is there some literature or studies on this?

Read the link I posted.

Nice link Roy…thank you gentlemen, You too Linus and Michael.